Spring roll ingredients in bowl. Cole slaw.

Easy Spring Roll in a Bowl

This has become one of my favorite family meals when I am short on time. With a few ingredients that are easy to keep on hand and some Asian flavors, it makes for a quick and delicious dinner! When shopping, I opt for turkey sausage over pork because it tends to be leaner, with less saturated fat. You could even try adding in some extra non-starchy vegetables such as shredded carrots!

Makes 4 servings
Serving size: ~ 1.5 cups
Prep time: 0 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes

Ingredients for easy spring roll in a bowl

  • 1 lb turkey sausage
  • 1 14 oz bag of coleslaw
  • 2 cups brown rice, cooked
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • ½ tsp ground ginger

Directions for easy spring roll in a bowl

  1. Cook sausage in pan until fully browned, drain off excess liquid.
  2. Add the entire bag of coleslaw and stir while cooking for approximately 5 minutes. Vegetables should be softened.
  3. Add soy sauce, sesame oil, and ginger and mix well.
  4. Add brown rice and stir together.
  5. Serve immediately.

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Nutrition facts

Per Serving

  • calories: 289
  • carbohydrate: 28.9g
  • fat: 11.8g
  • fiber: 2g
  • potassium: 407mg
  • protein: 17.5g
  • sodium: 725mg
  • sugar: 3.4g

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