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Is diabetes reversible?

I have read a few articles explaining diet can reverse diabetes and blood sugar medication masks the real problem poor diet causes. Is there truth in this?

Community Answers
  • Samuel Taylor moderator
    1 year ago

    This is a complicated question, but the most direct answer is, no.

    Diabetes can be managed to the point where diabetic numbers come back down to non-diabetic numbers. For example: blood sugar lower than 100 fasting and A1c around 5.0. However, it is not very common and in most cases it happens with people who are deemed “pre-diabetic”. Depending on the diagnosis and prognosis for your diabetes, it is a possibility to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes. However, you would still be highly susceptible to re-entering a diabetic trend so the diabetes is never really gone. Here is a great article that talks about this.

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