How Was Your Diabetes Management During the Holidays?

I love writing for, but I miss getting personal feedback from you in conversation. But, I do get personal feedback from my patients, and the advice I give them about diabetes management is exactly the same advice I give you. The days between Christmas and the New Year – I asked each patient, “did you enjoy the holidays?” As it turns out, they all did, and most volunteered how they managed their diabetes in various food-related circumstances. I’ve been feeling like a proud parent.

Feeling positive

For the most part, my patients came through the holidays feeling positive. Even those who felt a need to “confess” about one event or another felt positive about their power over food. And virtually all I’ve spoken to this week demonstrated “mindfulness” in one way or another. One mother and daughter researched recipes and prepared a couple of dishes for a family party they knew would fit into mom’s healthy eating plan. Others described surveying the available foods before deciding which foods to eat. Several patients followed my advice to focus on “special” holiday foods, and leave the “so, so” foods for another time. And every single patient said they enjoyed food over the holidays.

I speak to patients about eating strategies often, and I’ve posted the same advice at various times in this forum. Just a few weeks ago I posted the “eat holiday foods” tip. In 2014 I went all out on holiday eating strategies in a post entitled “Tis the Season to Enjoy Food.” And, I sneak in eating strategies whenever I can because managing food is perhaps the most challenging part of managing diabetes.

I’m hoping my advice got stuck in your head too, and you have come out of this “season of eating” feeling positive about your power over food. Happy (and healthy) New Year.

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