Being Mindful of What & How I'm Eating

Food is nourishment and keeps us alive, but in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, eating is often automatic and rushed - we don't always think about what and/or why we're eating. We rush to eat our breakfast, lunch, and dinner, paying more attention to the clock then to the food we put in our bodies. We rush a snack because the work is piling high on our desks. We mindlessly graze on food to decompress after a hard day of work.

Things to consider before eating with type 2 diabetes

It’s not always easy to practice the 15/15 rule when our blood sugars drop so we eat everything in sight. I’ve been trying my best as of late to be mindful of what, why, and how I’m eating.

What I'm considering eating

Is this food I’m contemplating buying and/or making good for me? Is it loaded with chemicals? If it’s processed food, will it cause a blood sugar spike later or will all the sodium make the rings on my hand uncomfortably tight? How have my blood sugars been today? Is this meal a smart choice or is there another choice that might be better?

Where/how I’m eating my meal

Am I mindlessly grazing while standing up as I’m making/preparing my meal? How will this meal make me feel later? Am I sitting down at the table to eat or sitting on the couch? FTR, studies show that eating meals at the table is healthier.1

How quickly I’m eating

Am I rushing through my meal because I have to be somewhere or I want to watch TV in the other room? Am I actually taking the time to digest my food?

Monitoring my blood sugar

Am I eating everything in sight or am I able to treat with 15 grams of carbs and then wait 15 minutes and see where my blood sugar is at?

For me, being mindful of all of the above makes it easier to make smarter choices, helps me from overeating (mostly), and allows me to enjoy the food I'm eating.

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