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How Yoga Helped Me With Type 2 Diabetes

Many people ask me how I stay active and energetic with my ongoing diabetes. Many people with type 2 diabetes struggle with low energy, fatigue, and lethargy. It can be challenging to feel energized throughout the day. I found the key to busting my fatigue - yoga (and meditation).

People around me couldn't believe I found most of my answers in this 1 practice. I added yoga to my daily care routine, which has never ceased to amaze me with its positive impacts. The crazy thing is that I laughed at this at first and thought, "What a joke!"

I was skeptical about yoga at first

I never knew that yoga could help level out blood sugars, but it did, at least for me. A mutual friend introduced me to yoga. She invited me to her place, where she practices yoga and trains others. The place was nice, calm, and peaceful. 

At first, I was skeptical about how much yoga could impact me, thinking, "Really? This can't be for real." So, I gave it a try and sat with my friend for a yoga and meditation session. It was so great! Trust me; I'm not saying that my blood sugar was just perfect in the end. But the peace and serenity I felt was something that I cannot describe in words.

Seeing the benefits of consistent yoga

I started going to my friend's house more frequently to relax initially, and over time I started seeing changes in myself with consistency - changes I was not expecting at all. Yoga made me feel more fresh from within, and I had the energy to do work. And on top of that, my mood became calmer and more cheerful. It was something unexpected for me.

Inner peace

Yoga helped me with many things, but it also helped me look inside myself when I was trying to find peace in the outside world. It brought me back to spend some time with myself, and felt so nice. To be in your space, caring for your mind and the body. Everything was sitting in its place.

Stress relief

The breathing exercises helped me release my stress and keep my mind peaceful. The various stretching yoga postures helped me release all that tiredness and stiffness in my body. My body was painless after years, and I never knew that feeling was possible. I felt more energetic and happy.

My blood sugar levels were steadying

My blood sugar levels also started to stabilize. Yoga gave my body enough physical activity, helping me stay calm and taking away my stress. I have always struggled with stress, which negatively impacted my blood sugar. The changes after consistent yoga practice were evident, and I did not even join yoga for it, but it did wonders for me.

Yoga is part of my diabetes care routine

So, now I have made yoga and meditation a habit, a part of my routine. Most days, I do my breathing exercises in the morning and evening. It clears my mind from all the thoughts and helps me declutter them. I do yoga 3 to 4 times a week, depending on my workload, but I do not compromise on it. If I do not get a chance to go to the yoga center, I practice it at home. It is indeed a life-changing practice that helped me to meet myself, know myself, and help me to grow from within.

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