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My Favorite Summertime Activities and Reminders

Summer: the best season of the whole year and my favorite season. I know it's been a long, hot summer for many, but I love it! I enjoy feeling the summer heat, taking long walks, and having those relaxing evenings. I feel freer and lighter in the summer without all the layers of winter clothing.

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My favorite activities

As a diabetes warrior, I love the summer. If my diabetes is well maintained and controlled, summer is full of fun and happiness. I can participate in my favorite activities throughout the season, which feels enjoyable. Seeing the flowers bloom and visiting sunflower fields and gardens brings me joy. Even going to evening yoga in the park with fellow friends with diabetes is the best!

A different focus after diabetes

My summers before diabetes revolved around ice treats, iced fruits, and sweet macarons. Let's not leave out the cookies, shakes, and every sweet treat you can name. But now, I have to be extremely careful about my diabetes management.

Enjoying nature

Every year since my diabetes diagnosis, I plan a vacation to a spot where I can actively enjoy nature. Last year I made a bucket list of all the flower fields I want to explore this summer. I went on a garden tour with a group of friends every week. It was so much fun.

We would wake up early and meet at a nearby café. We would enjoy a cup of tea or coffee (of course without sugar and cream); then we would roam around the town and end up at the flower field, taking in the beautiful sights.

Tips for walking tours with diabetes

I would like to remind you of some things to consider if you live with diabetes and plan some walking tours or lengthy outdoor activities.

Plan breaks

If you plan a lengthy outdoor walk this summer, try to build in rest along the way. Stop by at a coffee shop or take a short rest under a tree in the park or garden. Building in breaks will ensure that you don't exhaust yourself.

Pack a snack and water bottle

Next, be sure to have an emergency snack on hand if you experience hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Staying hydrated with water will keep your walking tour going smoothly.

Focus on footwear

Finally, wear the most comfortable footwear you own to prevent foot pain and bruising. It is crucial to pay attention to your foot health. Otherwise, things can go south!

The last time I went out, I wore some fancy sandals on a day trip. I wanted some nice photographs, but I bruised both of my feet. The pain was so bad that I had to get ointment at the pharmacy nearby. So, I learned my lesson, and now I prefer wearing medicated or gel soles, and I always keep a cream with me just in case.

Having an active lifestyle during the summer is great! Just ensure your activities aren't keeping you from rest and taking care of your diabetes.

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