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Eating: My Most Loathed Chore

I am sure the first thing you may have thought when reading the title was that it is some form of clickbait. Why would anyone think that eating is a chore unless you are training to be a competitive eater or a bodybuilder? I can promise you I view eating as a chore rather than something I do for enjoyment or for taste. It’s also the chore I loathe the most. I don’t look forward to eating unless I am not following this chore the way I am supposed to. You shouldn’t have to view eating as a chore, but if you are like me, it may be necessary.

Is healthy eating really that hard?

There are a lot of people that can follow a diet that is beneficial for those with diabetes. I commend you and am a bit jealous. Personally, I love vegetables, I like chicken and other lean cuts of meat. Generally speaking, I like foods that are low in carbs and don’t spike my blood sugar. When it comes to diet, the only thing I really don’t care for is plain water. I never have and never will. Water flavoring is the only way I can drink it. After reading this, you may think my diet is not something I hate or don’t look forward to, but there is a catch.

Struggling with healthy eating and diabetes

My body needs carbs! Lots of them! I have not been able to ditch this addiction and struggle with it daily. I can go a day or two eating veggies and lean meats. However, after a few days, I will be struggling to not gorge on something sweet and delicious. It has nothing to do with anything other than the fact my body will not have that sense of satisfaction I need to properly sleep or even relax and not think about sweets and junk food. I know people say after a week or so your body adapts and it becomes easier and easier until you don’t want it anymore. Not true for me. I have gone a few weeks and then I break.

It's similar to an addiction

It’s no secret it is an addiction. It is probably comparable to cigarettes, alcohol, and most street drugs when you break it down. The beginning of withdrawal takes a bit longer than most drugs, but the psychological hold it has on you is just as strong. I have not found anything to break that other than going cold turkey. Tapering off or weaning myself doesn’t work. I don’t have the willpower or ability to control myself when I need to.

My eating chore

It is way too easy to think “I’ll start next meal” or “I’ll start tomorrow” because what is one more meal or day? One more day is a segue to adding another day and another because “what’s one more day?” If you have ever had a bad habit or addiction you quit before, you know how easy it is to turn one more day into a month from now without even thinking about it. This is why eating is my most loathed chore. It’s not because I don’t like what I eat. It’s because I can’t eat what I need to without feeling the effects of withdrawal from sugar. I hope you are not in the same situation as me, but if you are, you are not alone.

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