Practicing Self-Care on a Budget

You may have heard about the importance of self-care and examples of how you can practice it in your daily life. However, some self-care "treats" are more expensive than others. If you are on a budget (and most of us are), do you have to forgo self-care? Absolutely not!

There are many ways to practice self-care every day without spending a penny. These free and low-cost options will not break the bank and will be almost as effective as a spa day. Learn about some of them below.


The air we breathe is free and abundant, but we often forget how valuable it truly is. An easy way to practice self-care is to just breathe. Take a moment for yourself, whether it is at your desk at work or in bed when you are having a hard time getting up. Simply take 30 seconds to close your eyes and focus on your breath. It can make a world of difference in how you feel.

Whether you clear your mind, picture a favorite memory, or focus on a goal while you breathe, this time allows you to center your needs. This self-care is free and available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

Practice good hygiene

With self-care, we often talk about nourishing our bodies with plenty of water and healthy food. If you can do this, that is wonderful. But one thing many people move to the back burner is hygiene.

Set aside time to take a warm shower or bath. Massage lotion into your skin. Floss your teeth. These simple tasks can make you feel better and ready to take on what comes next. When we get stressed or down, we often forget how rewarding the basics can feel.

Change your mindset

Your mind is in your control 24/7. While we all get overwhelmed or caught up in negative emotions and thoughts at times, making small mental shifts daily can lead to a world of difference. Take a minute to focus on something you are proud of or make a mental list of things you love about yourself. This can lead to a brighter outlook.

Try to stay present and pay attention during auto-pilot activities, such as your commute to work. Look for a handful of beautiful or interesting things you pass. Finding a few rays of sunshine can help you set yourself up for a more positive day.

Adjust technology and social media habits

We are constantly bombarded by our social media accounts and technology. While some of these tools can be helpful, especially when used to connect with communities like, they can also be a mental drain. The negative sentiments and arguments common on social media easily can get overwhelming.

Instead, take an hour to unplug from your devices and play a fun game, or call a friend rather than text. Also, consider decluttering your social media feed. Take some time to "hide" posts from people who clog your feed with sourness. You do not need to unfriend them, but you can edit what (and who) you see on your daily home page.

Practice self-awareness

There are lots of ways to improve self-awareness. They may include having the courage to say "no" to something you really do not want or need to do. They may mean taking time to learn more about any struggles or illnesses you are currently dealing with. Knowing yourself, your needs, and what you are up against can help shape the way you approach situations in the future.

Our community has tons of news articles, clinical articles, and factual content about things you may be experiencing throughout your daily experiences with type 2 diabetes. Use these resources to stay in the know, and structure what you do based on what you need and want!

Remember that self-care can take many forms, and it is a never-ending journey. Try to make small, possible shifts every day. Just keep building on what you have already accomplished!

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