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A person experiences exciting moments with bouts of depression in between.

Mood Swings and Type 2 Diabetes

Many days when I wake up to start my day it's hard. Hard to face the day. Hard to focus and hard to manage but I continue to push for better days. I know that it will come but not knowing when is the hard part. Living with multiple illnesses is definitely a struggle. I want to cry most of the time because I wonder why am I here. I feel like a problem. I honestly feel like I'm in everyone's way.


I know that I have a great support system. My husband is always encouraging me but the truth is I feel like he would be better without me. He has to pay for all of my medications most of the time. He has to hear me moan in pain most nights and struggle through many of my days. He has to deal with my mood swings which I realize is common when dealing with type 2 diabetes and unstable numbers.

I even forget that we have blessed our meals. I would often reach for my husband's hand again to say it and he would say "honey we have already said the blessings" but I don't remember. I trust what he says and continue with my meal. This is very embarrassing for me. I get confused sometimes and that is scary. I have even noticed it while driving home and completely forgetting where I am even though I am within a few miles from home. But I keep pushing hoping and praying for better days.

Mood swings

I get so agitated so easy when things are not right. I find myself sitting alone and thinking about what just happened even though I never act out I just hold it in and think about how I felt/feel about the situation. Why did it upset me and wonder could it be something that I could have just ignored and let go.

I go to my room often and just stay there and I could stay there for days so I don't have to see people or deal with people. But I do push through it praying for better days. Please understand that I do have good days where I don't feel like I'm a burden and I am thankful for those days but many days are not so great but I do like to think that my good days have topped my bad days.

I get invited places and I just don't have the energy or pep to go. I feel down the whole time. I feel like I don't fit in and that I should not be anywhere but at home and in my room.

How I deal with my moods swings and confusion

Recently I have started to focus on things that I have been passionate about for years and even though it is hard to get started at times. I push through and once I get started there is no stopping me. Sometimes my husband has to tell me to sit down.

I know that many of us have those days where we just want to give up because it gets hard. So hard to the point where you have questions and doubt in your head but we have to realize that we are not just fighting for ourselves but we are fighting for our loved ones and millions of others out there that feel this way as well. We have to remember that we are not alone in this fight. Many are going through these feelings of mood swings and confusion so we have to push through in order to be there for someone who needs that reassurance and confirmation that we are here to help, listen and support. Keep pushing for better days for us and others.

Although I don't feel like this all the time it is still something that happens and people need to know that they are not alone in this struggle. Do not give up. A better day is coming.

Have you started forgetting things that you are so used to doing or saying? How do you deal with it?

Do you have mood swings? How do you handle them?

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