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glucose tablets

Glucose Tablets

Glucose tablets are an ideal way to treat lows and available in a multitude of flavors -tropical fruit is my personal favorite and I’m also a fan of watermelon and cherry glucose tabs. Between you and me, I've never tried green apple, grape, or coconut flavored glucose tabs - but I'm willing to go outside of my comfort zone and give them a try!

How to take glucose tablets to treat low blood glucose

Like any other med, I follow the directions on the bottle (because in my opinion, glucose tabs are medications to alleviate a low blood glucose) and when I feel a hypo start to come on, I find that 3 to 4 glucose tabs usually do the trick and fast! But much like people, every low blood sugar is different. Sometimes I need more, other times I eat a few to prevent a low from occurring.

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Glucose tablets make it easy for me NOT to over-treat a low - and that’s important to me.

Glucose tablets are portable and travel well

When our blood sugars are dropping fast, it’s scary - and it takes all we have not to eat everything in sight! Glucose tablets are portable and they travel well. I can carry a tube with me wherever I go and in my pocket or handbag. I also keep a bottle in my car and one in my house - usually on my nightstand. When I travel, I throw a bottle in my carry-on and keep a tube of tabs in my purse - refilling the tube throughout my trip so I always have some tablets on hand, as well as a bottle on my hotel room nightstand, just in case.

Purchase glucose tablets

Did you know that you can purchase glucose tablets through both flexible spending and healthcare spending accounts? True story. Take advantage - especially around the end of the year! Unfortunately, you can’t purchase glucose tablets via Limited Flexible Spending or Dependent Flexible Spending accounts.

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