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When a Friend Joins Your Journey

Last updated: March 2023

You never want to be that person - the one who is excited that a friend has type 2 diabetes. But, being friends with someone who also has diabetes could help both of your experiences as you navigate managing the condition. I'm going to share what it's been like to have a friend that is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

My friend was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

I just found out my friend has type 2 diabetes and is on the same medication as me. The fact that she has diabetes isn't something that I'm celebrating. But I frequently get together for dinner with this friend.

We meet once a month with friends from high school, and she's a part of that. With us in the same situation, managing diabetes, it will be nice to share stories or see what the other person chooses off the menu to eat. It's these small things that make me feel less alone in this diabetes journey.

Relating to each other's experiences

You wouldn't wish diabetes, or any condition, on anyone, especially your friends. What you don't want, though, is to be alone in dealing with it. I find it comforting when someone else knows your struggles and can relate to them because they are going through it too. Here are some reasons why having the same diagnosis as a friend could be supportive.

We share what works for us

By having someone close to you with the same condition, you can share what is helpful with each other. For example, I may find that it's helpful to order a full meal when I'm eating out, knowing I can take home the leftovers to make another meal. Or a bowl with no bread at a Mexican restaurant is just as good as an enchilada. It's all about sharing experiences.

We don't have to explain

You both have the same diagnosis, so you have a deeper understanding of what it's really like to live with it. You don't have to explain what it's like to deal with diabetes to this friend.

We understand each other

The other person probably gets it when you share your troubles or rant. Likely, they've been there themself. If my friend mentions her experiences or side effects on the medication when she first started, I can certainly relate. And I'm sure we can relate to the stalls in our weight loss.

Like mentioned above, we most likely share many of the same experiences. I may share how I miss eating certain things, she may share how hard it is to choose when eating out. Either way, we have some of the same things going on.

Living with diabetes made us closer friends

This person may not have been a close friend while we went to high school, but sharing the same experience does make you closer.

Here's the thing: I never want anyone to be sick or be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. But if a friend has it, we can share our experiences along the way, which can benefit us both.

It's not joyful when someone else has what you have, it's simply finding that person who is not only a friend to start with but someone you can relate to more easily, and you both get something positive from the support.

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