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The Freestyle Libre 2 System is Here!

It seems like we were just introduced to the Freestyle Libre, and now the anticipated Libre 2 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System has launched! Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMS) have become an important part of patient care and are beneficial to both patients and providers, especially during a time where many patients are relying on remote monitoring or telehealth.

How does the Freestyle Libre 2 work?

Just like the 14 day Libre, Libre 2 consists of two parts:

  1. The sensor: A disposable sensor that is placed on the back of the arm for 14 days and measures glucose every minute.
  2. The reader: A handheld reader is used to scan your blood glucose.

Each time you scan your blood sugar the screen displays:

  • What your current blood glucose is
  • A glucose trend arrow, which indicates the direction your blood sugar is going and how quickly it is changing
  • A graph showing blood glucose levels over the previous 8 hours

Other things to know about Freestyle Libre 2:

  • You can scan your sensor as often as you like, but it should be scanned at least every 8 hours
  • The system goes through a one hour warm-up after a new sensor is placed (every 14 days), during which blood glucose readings are not available
  • Is factory calibrated (meaning NO finger sticks required)
  • The Freestyle Libre 2 phone app is currently under FDA review and is not available at this time. However, once approved, you will be able to use your phone to scan your sensor and share data with your family, friends, and healthcare team

How is the new Libre 2 different than the Libre?

There are a few key differences between the Libre and the Libre 2


Optional alarms can be customized to alert you when blood glucose levels are either low or high. It will also alert you if your reader has lost contact with the sensor for more than 20 minutes.

Approved in pediatrics

The Libre 2 is approved for BOTH adults and children above the age of 4.

Better accuracy

The Libre 2 has an absolute relative difference (MARD), a measurement of performance for CGMs of 9.2% for adults. This is an improvement from the Freestyle which has a MARD of 9.4% in adults.

How do I get the Libre 2?

The Libre 2 will continue to require a prescription from your physician for both the reader and the sensors. The Libre 2 is available at participating pharmacies.

What is insurance coverage

  • Coverage will vary per insurance plan
  • Most commercial patients can expect to pay between $10-$75 (max) per month for sensors
  • For patients who do NOT have insurance, the cost of the Libre 2.0 is expected to remain the same as the Libre. Remember, costs can vary between pharmacies, so make sure to compare a few before purchasing!
  • Libre 2.0 is covered for medicare patients who meet select criteria.
  • For more information on coverage, please visit the Freestyle Libre website.

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