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How Precious Are Your Feet?

Have you ever thought about how type 2 diabetes could affect your feet? A pretty young relative of mine recently had some of her toes amputated. I'm starting to realize that the most worrisome thing about having type 2 diabetes is when my feet hurt. I am not saying that other bruises or cuts are less troubling. But feet are a sensitive aspect of healthcare because they relate to my mobility.

Wearing shoes that hurt my feet

Back in the day, I initially assumed that since I was young, I didn't have to worry much about my feet since it is something old age people suffer from. But when I continued wearing high heels throughout my working career, I started suffering from gruesome pain in my soles, which kept me from sleeping at night.

Consulting my doctor about foot pain

Of course, this old age theory proved me very wrong. I grew more concerned about my feet, so I talked to my doctor and had to take my foot health and the severe pain seriously. My first thought was to start wearing flat shoes, so the next thing I did was go shoe shopping. I was looking for specific characteristics in the shoes that would be conducive to spending long hours standing.

Characteristics of proper footwear

First, insoles need to be soft, supportive, and comfortable. Next, they must be appropriately fitting, not too tight or loose, but in proper alignment with my foot shape to avoid bruises or friction. They should be made of soft fabric like leather, easily molded with my foot shape. And most importantly, shoes must be weather appropriate; it is preferable to have closed-toe shoes to protect your toes which should not make your feet hot in summer or cold in winter.

Of course, we're all different and have different concerns. Your doctor might tell you to find a shoe that's unique from my needs. Check with your doctor first.

After all these considerations, I found myself some fine leather shoes with medicated gel-based soles. Another essential thing to be mindful of is to wear socks with shoes. I prefer cotton socks because they're light, soft, and not too tight on the feet.

Wearing shoes all the time

A new permanent habit I made is never walking around barefoot, even at home. I invested in soft floor slippers to avoid any cuts or bruises. Even when I go out for a tour of a beach, you will still find me in shoes because it is a priority for me.

How I care for my feet

Next, I keep my feet neat, clean, and soft. After returning from walks or any outing, I soak my feet in warm water. This helps my feet relax and is also very good for sleep preparation. I clean them, put on an excellent moisturizer, and give them a soft massage to relax.

Health insurance pays for my pedicures

Because I have type 2 diabetes, my health insurance will pay for a pedicure. This is the best-kept secret that everyone else should know. Every month I get my feet pampered and my toenails finely trimmed. I was against this at first. I thought, "What a waste of money." But my doctor told me not to trim my nails because I could hurt myself.

My doctor advised me that a podiatrist should care for my toenails because if I nick myself, it could escalate into a more significant issue. I did get concerned when she told me this. So, now I prefer going to a podiatrist because I'm worth it.

Feet take us places; let's take good care of them!

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