Experimenting With New Ways to Enjoy My Morning Coffee

I crave coffee every day. Unfortunately, I feel like I can't survive without it! When my feet hit the floor in the morning, coffee is the first thing on my mind. I've been a coffee lover as far back as I can remember. My mom let me taste hers when I was little.

Coffee was spiking my blood sugar

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "No wonder you got diabetes." But, it was much later in life when I realized that my daily coffee habit was raising my blood sugar. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in my mid-30s.

I was a habitual coffee drinker. This was the first thing I did in the morning. I didn't see this as a habit I could change or want to change. Yeah, I tried skipping coffee for a day, but habits are hard to break.

Discussing diabetes and coffee with my doctor

After being diagnosed, I discussed my coffee craving with my doctor. I wondered how I could give up my craze of drinking coffee. My doctor suggested that I should drink coffee in small amounts from time to time. She said it wouldn't affect my blood sugar level in small quantities over time.

My healthcare team told me that to balance my sugar levels, I should drink my coffee after eating some food. We are all different, so this might work for me and not you.

Trying new ways to enjoy coffee

I experimented a little with my coffee. I started using artificial sweeteners and fat-free milk in my coffee. Artificial sweeteners were not for me. It just ruined a perfectly good cup of coffee.

But a friend suggested adding a small piece of cinnamon to my mug. I liked the flavor that the cinnamon stick gave to my coffee. It was a pleasant taste! I also started using just a little almond milk instead of traditional creamer. Surprisingly, it was actually refreshing.

Decaf coffee and cutting down

As for some other options for coffee, there are days I choose decaffeinated coffee. When I find some fluctuations in my blood sugar, I must keep a record of my blood sugar levels. As with anything in life, we have to consume things in moderation. There were days I would drink 4 cups of coffee a day. My most relaxing cup was right before bedtime.

As of today, I am down to 2 cups of coffee daily. I no longer miss those additional 2 cups of coffee I became accustomed to. I replace them with regular exercise and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

How do you enjoy your coffee?

This seems to be the model for me, despite facing diseases like type 2 diabetes. I'm down 60 pounds and feel so much better. So, I would suggest you not give up entirely on the routine just because you have diabetes either. Find alternatives for things or ask your doctor or dietician for help.

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