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Diabetes Things I Don’t and Things I Do.

Diabetes: Things I Don’t and Things I Do

I’m in a moment of annoyance. I feel bombarded by the do’s and don’ts of diabetes. I have made my own small list with my rationale to share.

Dos and don’ts of diets

I don’t follow expensive fad diets, “Lose 30 lbs in 30 days or your money back.” These diets can suck you into a vortex that may cause damage to your wallet and your health later on. A friend followed a popular diet and lost her weight nicely. Six months later her lipid profile was so far out of the healthy range her doctor told her to stop the diet. Her lipid profile went back to her normal.

I do follow healthy eating practices and get my information from reputable sources. I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on diets that negatively affect aspects of my health.

I don’t do the glycemic index. Nothing wrong with this for many people. However, my blood sugars have not read this information or seen the charts. My blood sugars thumb their nose at them and do what they want.

I do test my blood sugars frequently to know which foods I can tolerate well, or not, and in what quantity.

Dos and don’ts of exercise

I don’t follow fad exercise plans that make ridiculous claims. You know the ones I mean, where they show you the before and after picture. Two things wrong with these ads: the person is 20 yrs old to start with and the after picture is looking pretty photoshopped.

I do exercise that is age appropriate for me and that I can safely do without hurting myself. I want to look good but I don’t need to look like I’m 20 again.

I don’t do gym memberships. There is nothing wrong with gym memberships, if you use them, after you’ve paid out a lot of money. I have wasted too much money on these without actually using them. You know, the New Year’s resolution…?

I do free exercise. I walk. I also do some resistance exercises with bands that a physiotherapist suggested. That was worth the consult fee and cost significantly less.

Dos and don’ts of informational resources

I don’t watch sensational ‘doctor’ shows or many of the tv media reports. I have heard blatantly incorrect information on both that is not supported by research or taken out of context of the actual research.

I do watch educational programs from reputable sources that teach me about food, nutrition, diabetes, etc. I tape or save these shows to watch again later so I can substantiate their claims in the research if I need to.

I avoid buying, borrowing or reading books on diabetes that have sensational titles. I have been duped into spending money on books of little substance. The problem is that many reputable authors, doctors etc have publishers that change the name of their book to get people’s attention. I can’t tell the good books from the garbage ones. Also, it is not unusual to find old information in books by the time they are published.

I do want some books on diabetes. If I really need one, I tend towards the ones that have reputable organizations or agencies endorsing them. Not the ones that have hit ‘the best sellers list.’

I try to ignore many of these things but as I said, today they annoy me.

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  • Jess
    4 months ago

    Well back in the day I lost so much weight on Keto I have to say fad diets can work and I am so happy I learned about Keto however you should not stay on something like this forever. Keeping my weight off has not been easy but I have done it. Just takes lots of focus on making sure to stay away from sugar and the bad carbs.

  • Shelley, TheLongPointGirl moderator author
    4 months ago

    It sure does take a lot of work to keep the weight off. I struggle daily too after losing 70 lbs 13 yrs ago. And I agree fad diets might look good at the time but they also,lead to yo-yo dieting. As a diabetic our bodies don’t do well with that. Thanks for commenting!

  • Shelley, TheLongPointGirl moderator author
    10 months ago

    Yes good idea to always check those dates too.

  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator
    10 months ago

    Also there’s plenty of free pdf’s to download for reading material as well. 😉

  • Shelley, TheLongPointGirl moderator author
    10 months ago

    Great idea! Those would be more up to date than books too.

  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator
    10 months ago

    You have to look at dates n some of them. Some might be a bit old but mostly have newer dates.

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