Checking My Blood Sugar…When It’s The Last Thing I Feel Like Doing

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way and being able to voice and share my feelings with people who understand is HUGE.

Why I don’t feel like checking my blood glucose

There are moments when the last thing I want or feel like doing is checking my blood sugar. And you’re talking to someone who remembers when blood sugar meters weere the size of VHS tapes; took 3 minutes to calibrate and 3 minutes to give you your blood sugar result!

I’m also a person who remembers what it was like to live with diabetes before there was such a thing as checking your blood sugars. Instead, we checked our urine. We peed on a stick or gathered our urine in a cup and used a dropper to put it in test tubes, mix it with water, add a fizzy blue pill and measure the sugar in our urine. It was disgusting, was anything but convenient, let alone accurate – and it took minutes instead of seconds.
And even though I remember those days in vivid detail – I’m still human and there are moments when I don’t feel like checking.

Some days, people feel the weight of diabetes more than others – and there are moments where I’m tired, cranky, and sick of dealing with diabetes – because I haven’t had a day off from diabetes in over 14,000 days – and still throw a little fit about having to check.

And I know it only takes 5 seconds to check, I know for a fact it doesn’t hurt, and I know how incredibly important it is for us to check. So I give myself to bitch and moan about it – then I take a step, take a breath, and I check my d*mn blood sugar. Five seconds later, I tell myself “good job,” no matter what the number on the screen is – because I did it.