Be Selfish, Make Sure YOU Focus on YOU

Be selfish. Did I get your attention? It can be very positive and uplifting to focus on yourself by being selfish. Hear me out. You can leave a lasting impression on your loved ones or those around you by demonstrating that you take care of yourself.

Focus on yourself

Keeping self-focus, you will be surprised at how often the eyes are upon you. If you have kids, then as you know, they are like sponges. If you have an active social media presence, you will notice that people follow you for what you say and do. Diabetes has connected me with many others who live whole and fulfilling lives with diabetes.

Share your story

Don't be afraid to share your story. Share aspects about your day, emotions, and what you are going through. Sharing personal aspects online can be challenging. For instance, I remember posting on Instagram and Facebook about my rollercoaster of emotions as a man with diabetes. When I finally announced that I was diabetic and decided to be vocal about it, I realized that many of my friends and followers were dealing with the same thing. This realization was astounding.

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Others want to hear your perspective

Above all, it became evident that my followers and friends were invested and interested in my journey over time. I have been focused on myself and my journey via social media with that newfound knowledge. I became "selfish" and realized that posting about myself became interesting to many. I know it sounds weird, but it's not a bad thing.

When you step into my world of being a diabetic and professional sports photographer working NFL games and MLS soccer matches, people begin to wonder how I manage. I just posted and talked about myself more, which led to connecting with organizations that saw value in my journey and current diabetic experience.

Your care is your responsibility

Remember, with diabetes: it's all about you. Most importantly, it's about how you manage and maintain your glucose. It is nobody else's responsibility but yours. Is it helpful to have support? Sure! But it's ultimately your path to manage your health.

It's sometimes easier to attend to everybody's needs except our own. Sure it's admirable to be selfless, but not at the expense of your wellbeing and health.

Plan your self-care activities

I have had to realize this myself. Self-care and mental health play a crucial component in my diabetic journey. Minimizing my stress levels, exercising, and making more time for me helped me make better choices related to diabetes management. By doing that, I had a less-stressful holiday season compared to previous years. Plan some self-care time. Go to a football or basketball game. Take time and go shopping or do whatever makes you happy. Just make sure you take time for yourself in a way that feels good.

The takeaways

Make time to do things that keep you active and provide fulfillment. Take time to invest in your diabetes management. Mental health is an essential component in diabetes management. Be selfish with your self-care.

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