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8 Essential Things Needed for Type 2 Diabetes

In my humble opinion, there are 8 essential things needed to help us with type 2 diabetes. This list is almost self explanatory and, at times, may seem silly but is still very important.

1. Diagnosis/correct diagnosis

I can see the ‘duh’ look on your face. Let me explain this one. When someone presents with an illness to a health care provider, often investigation is needed to determine what the problem is. Maybe diabetes awareness has progressed far enough that this is one of the first things thought of. Example: sometimes symptoms aren’t classic. Mine were not. I had no unquenchable thirst or smell to my urine. I was not losing weight etc. I was unwell but not that unwell; that could easily have been a virus. The blood work showed the diagnosis but I could have gone for years not knowing I had type 2 diabetes. Another example: being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes only to find out sometime later, the diagnosis was atypical or incorrect: LADA, diabetes that presents like type 2 but is not.

2. Research

The importance of this cannot be understated. Dollars are needed to fund research so a cure can be found. Research, in its purest, guides best practice so we can live healthy with this chronic disease. Research has given us new medications, diet recommendations, self management strategies, and much more.

3. Access to supplies

I have written about this recently so I won’t spend a lot of time repeating it. You have to have access to the supplies needed to self manage your diabetes: a blood sugar monitor, test strips for that monitor, some type of finger pricking device. I suggest most people need these supplies. Make sure the cost is not so expensive that only some can afford. On my soapbox again I shout “ACCESS FOR ALL!!”

4. Medical/CDE support

The professionally educated people who can diagnose, treat, teach and guide us through this very complex, complicated disease that is never the same two days in a row. We need these professionals. For some, the need is ongoing. For others, short term. Either way, still needed.

5. Peer Support

Where would we be without one another? No one can truly understand what living with type 2 diabetes is like except someone else who has it. We do not live in isolation when we have peer support. It can be in person, online or through social media. Our peers are our lifeline.

6. Time to digest

When the diagnosis comes, even if it’s not a surprise, we need time to digest what it means to now live with diabetes. This is a life altering event. It requires attention, dedication, and quite frankly, a lot of work. Overwhelming work both at the beginning and throughout the course of the disease.

7. Time to practice

Practice getting it right, or as close to right as an individual can get. There’s a lot to learn about diabetes. Learning takes time. Will we be perfect in our management? Not likely. We have to practice to see what works for us because diabetes is different for each person.

8. Time to celebrate

There is a lot to celebrate when we work hard making small steps to improve our health and to avoid the complications that occur with diabetes. I say celebrate BIG! Take pride and let others know what you have done. It’s your time to brag. If you think you haven’t anything to brag about, I’m going to tell you, you are wrong! You have done good, very good. Get out there and brag!

Can you add other needed things to this list?

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