39 Reasons to Get in Exercise

I know for myself it can be hard to get exercise in on a daily basis. I know down deep inside the importance and that it is something that I should do daily but for some reason or another that does not always make it easier. Many years ago I made a list of the things that would help me get to the gym or get out and exercise. Through the years I added on to this list. When it was a hard time for me to work out I would look at this list and remember all the wonderful reasons I had to get in my exercise.

I have been able to keep my diabetes more in control when exercising on a daily basis so you would think just knowing that would get me out the door but not always. Kids, giving rides, work, and fatigue would get in the way and on some days I just needed to look at my list to get me going.

I wanted to share my list in hopes that you too may find some motivation to get moving and get in your exercise. Happy staying fit!!

39 ways that exercise can help you have a healthier happier life!!

  1. Exercise will give you more energy! Who can't use that!!
  2. Helps your body know how to rest more efficiently.
  3. Burns calories.
  4. Lifts your spirits ~ Release endorphins which help our mood.
  5. Increases your self-esteem and helps you feel more confident.
  6. Improves digestion.
  7. Helps your body lose weight and helps you keep that weight off.
  8. Boot's your immune system.
  9. Will increase your endurance.
  10. Will improve appetite for healthy foods.
  11. Enhances your coordination and balance.
  12. Firms and tones your muscles.
  13. Can ease menstrual cramping.
  14. Firms and tones your muscles.
  15. Helps the body use calories more efficiently.
  16. Improves circulation and helps to lower blood pressure.
  17. Increases your flexibility.
  18. Helps build muscular definition.
  19. Stress reduction and reduces tension.
  20. Increases metabolic rate which is the rate which the body burns calories.
  21. Helps improve posture.
  22. Lowers your resting heart rate.
  23. Strengthens the heart muscle.
  24. Increases the amount of lean muscle tissue in the body.
  25. Can help lower blood glucose and help control type 2 diabetes.
  26. Improves your emotions and provides emotional stability.
  27. Improves the storage of glycogen.
  28. Improves your liver function.
  29. Improves the efficiency in breathing. I have asthma so I know this to be true.
  30. Helps reduce varicose veins.
  31. Gives overall good feeling and you have greater appreciation for what the body can do.
  32. Reduces problems with constipation.
  33. Strengthens bones and increases density.
  34. Increases strength of ligaments.
  35. Enables the body to utilize nutrients in a more efficient way.
  36. Decreases your fat tissue.
  37. Decrease triglycerides.
  38. Helps enhance oxygen transport throughout the body.
  39. Can help manage chronic pain.

I am sure you may have many reasons on your own to add to this list and would love to see them added in the comment section.

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