10 Things You Should Know About Type 2 Diabetes in America.

10 Things You Should Know About Type 2 Diabetes in America

What is the real impact of type 2 diabetes in America?

The type 2 diabetes in America Study was conducted over the internet in April 2014. The primary goal of the study was to establish an understanding of the current state and trends of patients affected by type 2 diabetes.

The survey included a total of 170 questions on a broad range of topics. A total of 2,522 people started the survey. 2,379 met eligibility requirements, and 2,072 people completed the survey resulting in a high completion rate of 84%.

To qualify for the survey, participants had to be type 2 diabetes patients over 18 years old and a US resident or US citizen living abroad.

The study was solely developed and funded by Health Union, LLC which does not manufacture, sell nor market any product to diagnose, prevent or treat type 2 diabetes or any other disease.

Diagnosed in 30s and 40s


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