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Yoga pose

Yoga pose to reverse diabetes
Child's Pose
This resting pose encourages relaxation, which may help promote the production of insulin-producing beta cells. It may also help relieve back and neck pain, stress, and fatigue.

Muscles worked:

gluteus maximus
rotator muscles
spinal extensors
To do this:

While in a kneeling position, make sure your knees are hip-width apart.
Sink back to bring your buttocks to your heels.
You may place a cushion between your thighs and calves for support.
Lean forward to rest your forehead on the floor.
Extend your arms in front of you, or allow your arms to rest alongside your body with your palms facing up.
Remain in this pose for up to 5 minutes.
Release by lifting yourself up into a seated position.

  1. Thanks for sharing this yoga pose - there is no reversing type 2 diabetes, though some find exercise and diet changes to help manage better, and some also use medication. How has yoga helped you manage diabetes? -Margot, Team

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