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Type 2 that comes and goes!

Hey guys I'll keep it short!

My type 2 comes and goes. From end of August to about November I was bulletproof. Only took metformin and had to stop all insulin because i fought to keep my sugar above 3.

As always, it comes raging back I end up with a tonne of insulin used per day.

My doctors don't know why my body keeps going from one extreme to the other. I feel like I have an autoimmune issue that is attacking my pancreas, thus stoping my insulin.

Please let me know if you or someone you know has intermittent type 2.

Boston. P

  1. Thanks for sharing, @BostonPower. That sounds really frustrating and like it could be almost dangerous! I do not have that problem, personally, but you're in the right place to find someone who may have a similar problem. Good luck and keep us updated - especially if you find out the cause!

    1. I agree, I don't have that too personally so please keep us updated.

  2. I as well don't have that issue. But keep working with your diabetes team there. Your doctors are the best bet in learning what is going on with the issue you're having.

    Tom Community moderator

    1. I agree, for sure they want what's best for you.

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