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Glucose numbers to aim for

After having been diagnosed around 5 months ago and being put on Metformin, my numbers are steadily going down. However, I haven't properly spoken to a doctor since, and wasn't given much information in the first place due to the situation with covid.
I was wondering, is there a "general" fasting number that someone should be striving to achieve?
Thank you!

  1. Hi @SeptemberSpirits1! I'm glad to hear your numbers are going down! I definitely recommend scheduling an appointment with your doctor or certified diabetes edicator to take through your personal siutation. Many healthcare professionals are currently using telemedicine appointments. Here is an article about general fasting blood glucose: https://type2diabetes.com/diagnosis-and-testing/fasting-blood-glucose/. I hope you find it helpful!Take care - Kelsey, Type2Diabetes.com team member

    1. Hey @septemberspirits1 here's some great info here: www.healthyinfo.buzz what you eat can help or hurt. Some "heathy foods" are not the best for diabetics. Hope this helps

      1. Nice that your numbers are starting to stabilize. Keep it up.

        1. @septemberspirtis1
          Glad to see your numbers are coming down. So many sites will have different numbers to shoot for. Another source is your doctor or Endo. Check with the one you're seeing for your diabetes and see what they are reccomending you to shoot for as a goal for you reads as well. Some doctors will have a certain goal for their patient to reach and adjust as they see needed.


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