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Feeling cold?

I was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago, and had managed to reverse my diabetes through diet and exercise. Since then I’ve had a child, taken a new job, moved, and generally lived through a pandemic, so I’m back playing catch-up again. Since I’ve started getting my glucose in check, I’ve been feeling very cold, even in temperatures where I’d normally be warm. I assume this is because my blood is literally thinner. Is thin an experience anyone else has?

  1. Hi @dtaylor85, thanks for your question! It's certainly an interesting one and I hope other members are able to chime in with their experiences.

    Here's a list of some type 2 diabetes symptoms: https://type2diabetes.com/symptoms/. It might be helpful – I thought the part about high blood sugars and circulation was interesting, as I was always told growing up that feeling cold was related to poor circulation.

    This article also mentions a bit about circulation in the cold (though I know you mention also feeling cold when it's warmer): https://type2diabetes.com/answers/ask-the-expert-tips-for-managing-diabetes-during-the-winter/.

    However, it's best to speak with your doctor because they know you and your situation and we aren't able to give medical advice. I hope they'll be able to give you more answers!

    Also, congratulations on being able to get your diabetes well managed! That's a fantastic accomplishment. It's always a journey and life's major events can affect goals sometimes, so it's great to hear your re-newed focus on controlling your diabetes.

    Minel (Type2Diabetes.com Team Member)

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