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Anxiety Attacks

I’ve had increased anxiety attacks over a few months now and it’s affecting my relationships and work. I was good at handling it back then but now, it just got worse. What can I do? Has anybody experienced this before?

  1. I was never an anxious person until the pandemic hit and triggered medical PTSD from cancer. It's common to develop these types of issues over the years, especially when dealing with health and/or traumatic issues. I strongly suggest seeing a therapist and working with your medical team to find an appropriate medication to assist you during this time.

    A lot of mental health issues have had dramatic increases over the last year. It is completely appropriate to seek help, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

    1. Hi there, I wanted to chime in as well and let you know you definitely are not alone. I agree with everything my colleague Liz shared. This past year has been incredibly challenging for so many, and I have also had more anxiety and stress.

      We have quite a few articles about stress and mental health on our website, and I've linked a few here:

      Please keep us posted on how you are doing, and if you have anymore questions.

      1. I would talk this over with your doctor and maybe he/she can make a referral for a therapist/counselor for you.

        Tom Community moderator

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