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almond/oat flour

If I were to give baking cookies with either almond or oat flour, would I use the same amount as regular flour? Anyone know? and if youve tried it, how is the taste?
Kathy G

  1. Great question! I hope others in our community share their personal experience baking with alternate flours. This is a great article on Almond flour that may be helpful: as well as this one on a variety of flours: Hope that helps, Kelly, Community Moderator

    1. i use almond flour in making bread and pancakes. yeast wont work. baking powder only. and it wont rise much. what u put in pan is what is coming out. has many almond four recipes. nutty/sweet flavor. i usually add smashed ripe bananas and chopped walnuts/peanuts. and stevia. vanilla extract, unsweetened cocoa. ive heard apple cider vinegar helps it rise, but not for me. after cooking and cooling, place in freezer.

      1. flax flour i used to use but wife says it gives her the runs so i dont use. chia and quinoa ive added too.

    2. i just posted.

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