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Adjusting to type 2 diabetes

My diabetes was diagnosed 4 hrs before hernia surgery. I had no idea my blood sugar was so high. I am thankful for my hernia surgery. I am trying to adjust to the idea. Any suggestions?

  1. Hi - has your doctor shared any resources or tips or next steps with you? Here to help provide any info we can (though we cannot offer medical advice) - thinking of you! -Margot, Team

    1. I hope you are well, Diabetes seems to increase the risk for postoperative complications within 30 days of inguinal hernia surgery, especially for complicated diabetes.

      1. I agree with Bravo. Make sure to check yourself from time to time for any abnormalities.

        1. I would ask the doctor for information and follow what he/she gives. Also if given any referrals I would make sure to go to them and ask information as well. Before trying things on your own always ask your doctor first. He/she might have a reason for you not to try certain things. Always talk with the provider first and ask questions from them. As Margot mentioned we can't offer medical advice here.

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