Thomas A. McAtee Jr

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Hi. My name is Thomas.

I’m 65 years old at the time of writing this. I live in Arizona with my wife of 46 years as of May 2019. No children. I’m the biggest kid there is and she has her hands full at times ;)

To be honest, diabetes never crossed my mind at all. I always attributed things happening to something else or growing older. Should have thought about diabetes since it does run in the family on my father’s side but was furthermost thought in the very back of my mind, if anyplace.

I started on this bumpy road back in 2012 when the doctor had done a full lab work wanting to check something else and discovered I’m now type 2 diabetic. How long had it been going on, I haven’t a clue due to chocking everything up to the "getting old" attitude.

Like a lot of others, I asked questions of my doctor and the health team he set up for me. I went on the internet to browse about trying to learn from well-known sites that I had been given to check out. Even though I’ve been dealing with this thing I’m still constantly trying to learn more about it due to the ups and downs with this. I always discover something that gives me food for thought. And like others, I’ve discovered it’s something I can try and manage and yes I’ll mess up at times but hey, that’s life.

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