Michael Donohoe

Type 2 Diabetes Community Advocate Michael DonohoeMichael Donohoe has lived with type 2 diabetes for over 25 years. He deals with complications with his eyes, hands, and feet, as well as cardiovascular and kidney disease. Yet, those items may slow him down, but he never stops. Michael has focused on advocacy to those who are at risk, and who live with type 2, as well as type 1 diabetes.

A fellow IDF BCV advocate once said “he is a type 2 who can speak type 1.” In addition to his IDF work, Michael is an ADA Focus on Diabetes advocate, a Lions Club District Diabetes Chair, has participated with #dedoc voices, and has served as a volunteer consultant for the World Health Organization during the informal consultation in developing the Global Diabetes Compact, as well as online education.

Michael also holds a Diabetes Paraprofessional Certification from ADCES You can follow Michael on Twitter (@michaeldonohoe), Facebook (/michael.donohoe), and Instagram (/michaelsdonohoe) to learn more.

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