Jenita Stubblefield

”TypeJenita was previously a health leader on

My name is Jenita Stubblefield. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 25. My life changed in 5 seconds at that moment. After seeing diabetes in a negative light in my family, I was devastated by the news I had just received. I did not know what to do or how to receive the information I was just given.

After seeing the role type 2 diabetes played in my family, I was determined to break the cycle and did not want to have to deal with any of the outcomes that I have seen in my family. It had lead to deaths, life-long complications, and amputation of limbs. I started researching type 2 diabetes and asking my doctor more questions about diabetes. I realized that the doctors I was seeing knew just as much as I knew about diabetes, which wasn’t much. So I began to go on this journey to raise awareness and advocate for type 2 diabetes. This pushed me and inspired me to go deeper into finding out what diabetes is and how it was going to affect my whole life from this point on. It forced me to be really honest with myself.

I saw that type 2 diabetes was getting overlooked and downplayed. It was full of myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions. I was on a mission to show how serious this disease is and how challenging it can be to manage. I figured the best way to get the message across was through social media. I decided to use every form of social media I had access to in order to track my journey with diabetes. I want to be as honest and unfiltered as I can be about how it is affecting my life mentally, physically, and emotionally. Hopefully sharing my journey with diabetes will help someone deal with and cope with the disease and everything that comes with it.

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