Hannah Noonan

Type 2 Diabetes Community Advocate Hannah NoonanHannah was previously an advocate on Type2Diabetes.com.

Hannah is a Nutritionist, blogger and recipe developer who is passionate about empowering people to create their own nutritious and delicious food. With a background in the corporate world, Hannah’s life changed course when her health began deteriorating. She embarked on a journey to heal herself through whole food dietary changes, exercise and mindfulness and her health improved for the better and this prompted her to return to university and embark on a new career as a Nutritionist.

Hannah lives in Melbourne, Australia and loves nothing more than tending to her vegetable garden and creating new recipes. With a special interest in food intolerances and adapting recipes to cater for different dietary needs, Hannah aims to make eating healthy easy. You can find more recipes on her blog A Gut Reaction and IrritableBowelSyndrome.net.

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