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Christopher Hughes

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Christopher Hughes at the age of 36 was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with an A1C of 8.6%. This came after failing a DOT physical required to keep driving a commercial vehicle. Urinalysis came back with sugar in it which prompted a finger poke showing glucose at 306. Being a truck driver and failing this physical put him out of work until I could bring glucose back down. Diagnosis came one day after his birthday.

Christopher didn't know anything about diabetes despite his mother having had type 2 diabetes. Scared & frustrated with mother having passed away years before he had nobody else to consult with about it other than doctors. So he took matters into his own hands and researched the condition thoroughly utilizing knowledge on how to do sound research from college. Using the free time from being off of work he made immediate changes to diet and started regular exercise with baby steps. Started out walking after every meal and gradually built up from there to where he is today keeping glucose under tight control and advanced level exercise which includes: 60min cardio sessions, full-body weight lifting, and mountain biking when he has the opportunity.

Christopher takes advantage of life on the road to take the opportunity to go hiking or mountain biking around the country. Having a national chain gym membership allows him to swing by the gym for workouts all around the country and when unable to get to the gym he has his own equipment in his truck to workout ie: fitness bands, dumbbells, & portable elliptical.

Since his diagnosis and long journey fighting this condition he has made it his life's mission to beat the condition and not let it beat him and advocate others to do the same. He has dedicated his YouTube channel (T2D Warrior) to informing, helping, & inspiring other diabetics in their journey. Christopher lives in Morriston, Florida with a wife & 4 kids and one grandson. Christopher is an Army veteran and former law enforcement with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Christopher will continue to help other diabetics and well as fight his own diabetes.

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