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Community Views: Bothersome T2D Symptoms

For some people, living with type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a constant struggle. Keeping blood glucose levels within a healthy range can be a daily challenge. Many symptoms impact the body and mind. To learn more, we recently asked the Facebook community to respond to the following prompt:

"Fill in the blank: The T2D symptom that bothers me the most is _____."

The community openly shared their most bothersome symptoms with this disease.

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Glucose level swings

Many respondents commented on the different ways glucose levels impact them. Both high and low blood sugar affect the body. When there is no obvious reason for drastic swings in blood sugar levels, it is bothersome, challenging, and always inconvenient.

"Having a low blood sugar that won't come up then skyrockets to a high blood sugar. It kicks my emotions into a very weepy state those days. It's so annoying!"

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"Morning fasting highs even though my numbers are absolutely perfect after eating. No matter what I try, I can't get the fasting numbers down."

"It is not a symptom, but it drives me crazy that a hot shower elevates my glucose. Every single time."

"Low blood sugar levels. 38 has been my scariest one, and it took forever to get it back to normal. Any time my levels drop below 80, I shake, sweat, and then feel like someone punched me in the stomach."

"Glucose numbers are high when I have not eaten anything to cause the increase. It takes a very long time (hours) to decrease, it seems."

Food choices

One of the most common frustrations was navigating food choices. The impact of food on the body and blood sugar levels requires constant awareness. And it can be tough to choose foods that help manage glucose instead of what sounds appealing. For lots of people, T2D feels very restricting.

"Hungry all the time. Having to think out every meal."

"Cravings and being strong enough to ignore them."

"What I should eat vs what I want to."

"Different spikes for the same meals."

"The never-ending cravings."


Many respondents described their struggle with fatigue. Constantly feeling tired and drained takes a big toll on their lives. They find it challenging to engage socially or physically with the T2D energy drain.

"Energy crashes."

"Extreme fatigue."

"Sleep issues and fatigue."

"Tiredness and a weakness in the body."

"Being so tired. It's hard to beat this fatigue."

"Getting up and moving when I'm dead tired."

Neuropathy: tingling and numbness

Another frustration many respondents mentioned was neuropathy. The tingling and numbness in hands and feet impact their movement and quality of life.

"Neuropathy in both feet and hands now."

"Neuropathy tingles and stabs."

"Neuropathy in feet; possibly spreading to hands. This despite my levels being good."

"Neuropathy in my right foot, along with arthritis. It makes me cry because I can no longer drive."


A few respondents shared that T2D causes them to feel dizzy or lightheaded. Sometimes, this is tied to their blood sugar. Other times, it is not. Feeling dizzy makes it difficult for some to get around.

"Insulin makes my potassium drop, so I feel dizzy and lightheaded, and my heart races."

"The constant dizziness and being lightheaded whether my numbers are up or low."

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The team appreciates all the thoughtful responses to this prompt. It is helpful to know so many share similar experiences. Please continue to share your frustrating symptoms with the community below.

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