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  • New to site. So sorry if this has been asked before. Does anyone have any insights on Carb Cycling?

    Please help me figure out what to do next. My A1C is 5.9, I am a moderate weight, exercise regularly, yet i have a diabetic related rash on each leg that is growing. My endo can't give me answers. What next to do, change doctors?

    Do you remember when you were diagnosed with diabetes? Do you have any special 'anniversary' celebrations, or do anything in particular to mark the occasion?

    I am recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but am gonna be on an oral medication. We dunno which one yet. I am..okay so far with this. I spoke to a dietitan about a meal plan for me and we're carb counting and watching portions. I can only eat so many carbs per meal, and have a morning snack and afternoon snack.

    I have a quick question(I think). I'll be switching to a new primary care doctor come January. Since I know that some of them believe if they don't see it, you don't have it. I had one like that before. I work hard to keep my A1C in a "Normal" range. So she didn't see anything and said that I didn't have it. I got hold of my CDE and had her yank me away and put with another one that had better understanding of diabetes and diabetics. I don't want to come across that again. I'm already seeing an Endo for something else. So the question is are Endo's mainly handling diabetics with big issues or do they handle all diabetics. If latter I'm thinking about asking mine if she'll accept me as a diabetic patient as well as what she's seeing me for now. All experts and everyone please feel free to chime in. I know it might sound dumb but I don't know what if any restrictions they place on seeing diabetic patients, if it's everyone or only those with severe issues. I figure that at least an Endo wouldn't pull that stunt of if they don't see it then you don't have it bit.

    Well I see that everyone in Face Book is freaking out about Artificial Sweetners again. They're posting about how it can lead to heart attacks, obesity, diabetes etc if you drink two or more diet sodas. They don't research what they post. They see it on the news and the news websites and freak out and start posting. WTH is wrong with people? Will they never learn to actually go and do the research themselves before posting??

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    During dental visits or dental treatments, patients usually get anxious. The fear in patients can be really harmful for them as well as it causes difficulty in performing the dental treatment and checkups for the dentist. At that time, oral sedative drugs are used generally to facilitate a dental procedure and reduce patients fear and anxiety related to the experience.

    I have a question. I seem to be in that group that don't 'feel' when they're having a high or a low. A friend and I were talking about it and he thought odd because he can feel his lows etc.But I explained that the only way I know is when I do a test. We got to discussing something that his nephew uses. Think it's the CGM. I'm not on insulin but do fall into that category about not feeling the symptoms. So got to wondering if that a CGM would benefit me or not. Will try to talk to the CDE on this but wanted to see what everyone thought on this as well. Thanks

    I was taking 1 mg 2x day. At my last doctor visit, my A1C was up a couple points. It didn't reflect my improved eating for the previous 2 weeks. Doctor upped to 2 mg 2x day. I did as was advised and starting having lows. I called my doctor, but she is on leave until July. The PA gave me some advice that made me nervous. Said if I go to 50, make sure to treat it. I was told by everyone else not to go below 70 without treating. So I cut back to 1 mg 2x day. Still had lows. I know it's because I am eating properly now. I finally am off this medicine, until my doctor is back and I see her in July. My numbers have been very good. My pharmacist said make sure to follow up with my doctor, but supports my decision since my numbers are very good and my lifestyle habits are improving. If not for my family and pharmacist, and of course my daily readings, I wouldn't have stopped this medicine.

    I am a 5'2" skinny 62 yr. old female T2 diabetic diagnosed 6 years ago. I've gone WFPlant based in hopes of improving but I still have trouble. What does one have to do to to reverse this ugly disease?

    I test between 4-7 times a day. Sounds like a lot I know but it works for me. How about you? What works for you?

    I was talking to my CDE about lows and she sent me a couple links. I didn't know that people got lows after eating like this. So thought would share the links just for information providing that the moderators and staff agree with the posting of them. and this one as well: Don't know if they will be of use to anyone but thought that they were interesting reading.

    Saw this in FaceBook. Was wondering if anyone has seen it and what their views are on it. I don't do it but know that some do and will. Thought I'd share the link here and see what you think on it.

    I have a question.I have a medical alert bracelet but will be needing to get a new one. I've read on some Metformin directions to make sure if taking that it is listed on the medical alert bracelet. Has anyone heard anything on this? Reason I'm asking is that I'm thinking on adding it to the bracelet as well as adjusting other information for the new bracelet. Was just curious if anyone else has noticed this or not.

    Hi, I am not just tired but exhausted every day. Is it a side effect of non-controlled diabetes? My morning number run 180 -200 and 200 -250 after meals. A1C about 9. Does anyone else experience mental and physical exhaustion in their everydayhealth and life when numbers run high?

    This month we're talking about how pets can affect living with serious health conditions. If you have a pet, tell us how your pet helps you cope with type 2 diabetes! Don't have a pet? Tell us what comforts you when you aren't feeling great.

    Thought that I'd post this since a couple of us have talked about this on another post. Wife and I bought one and really like it. I had gone to their site and found various recipes to use on it. Had bookmarked it and once in a while go back to view some of them. Don't know how many others own one but here is the link for the recipes on it. I cant tell you what carb counts etc is on them. To be honest I don't remember it they even talk about that. Maybe. You'll have to check on own. I figure that after the meeting with the new dietitian/weight manager I might be doing more grilling on it and am going to be looking at these even more. Plus there are also other sites talking about recipes to use on this machine. Give it a shot.

    Is this normal with type2 or could my Gastroparesis have something to do with me being hot?

    Woke up this morning with sever leg cramps again Haven't had them for awhile. But seems they're coming back again. I used to wake up about 2 or 3 in the morning with them so bad I'd be hollering and using words that would make a sailor blush. Wife would try to quieten me down saying I was going to wake up the neighborhood. Didn't care. Hurt too bad to care. This morning they started with small minor cramps taht went away but all of a sudden the big ones hit and hit very hard. I was cussing again and loud as they hurt. She started getting the towels soaked with hot water wrapped around them to help ease the pain to where they didn't hurt as bad and finally went away. Decided to do some searching about cramps and diabetes. Discovered several health sites about diabetes that also mentioned cramps. And yes I'm getting plenty of potassium and eating bananas etc. My reads have been fairly decent this month but they're coming back. Then my hands also started cramping on and off throughout the day. My next appointment with my doctor is in July but might send a message to the team and let them know about what's going on and see if she'll want me to come in early or wait till then. I've been taking Lyrica for the burning in the feet(have nerve damage in them thanks to diabetes), was taking Ultram for pain in knees but got off of that and taking something else instead for that. Don't know what she'll do. Although I've been maintaining very well since 2013 I'm going to talk to her and maybe the DE to see if they think that the diabetes is working on my legs now also.
Viewing 20 topics - 1 through 20 (of 40 total)