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Type 2 Diabetes Tips, Tools, and Technology

Tips, Tools, and Technologies for Type 2 Diabetes Management

Living with type 2 diabetes is not easy. Each day can bring its own difficulties, and it can be overwhelming and stressful to manage. Many with type 2 diabetes experience frustrations and sometimes even diabetes burnout. Type 2 diabetes brings with it a host of challenges, but there are tips, tools, and technologies that can help you better and more easily manage your type 2 diabetes! Your phone, for instance, can both hinder and help you in management, depending on how you use it! There is even a new app to help better manage insulin! From blood glucose monitoring tips, to fitness trackers, and more, this is your one-stop shop for tips, tools, and technologies that you may wish to explore!

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Estimating portion sizes with everyday objects

By Editorial Team—September 12, 2014
Controlling portion sizes is a critical component to managing your blood glucose levels. Most people tend to overestimate portion sizes, thereby inadvertently consuming more than they really should. It’s easier to measure portion sizes while at home if you use measuring devices like a food scale or measuring cups, but when eating out, it can be more difficult to estimate what constitutes the proper portion of a given food. One handy trick is to refer to the sizes of well-known, everyday objects that you have around the house. Here’s a handy tool that provides appropriate serving sizes for several different foods and associated objects that represent the proper portion…READ MORE

The Impact of Human Error on Meter Accuracy
By Meryl Krochmal, RD, CSP, CDE, CNSC—July 6, 2017
there is a greater risk of both improper storage and handling of blood glucose meters and test strips when used for personal use in comparison to use in a professional setting thus potentially having a negative impact on the above stated accuracy standards…READ MORE

Four Tips on Being a “Newbie”
By Toby Smithson, MSNW, RDN, LDN, CDE—July 24, 2017
If you have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it certainly can feel overwhelming. First of all, know that you are not alone. There are more than a million new cases of type 2 diabetes being diagnosed every year. Here are some professional tips on how you can start this “adventure” on the right foot…READ MORE

10 Worthwhile Meal Prep Time Saving Tips
By Toby Smithson, MSNW, RDN, LDN, CDE—April 6, 2017
Eating at home more often is an important adjustment to promote better diabetes self-management, but many people have a sense that the time involved preparing our own meals is excessive. Personally, I think that’s debatable (and there’s no question it’s a wise investment in your health), but to help you save time preparing food at home I’ll offer the following tips…READ MORE