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Type 2 Diabetes and Invisibility

Type 2 Diabetes and Invisibility

Living with type 2 diabetes can be extremely challenging, and can result in various emotional and physical complications. Some of these may be visible, but many may not be seen by those around you. Coping with the strain of invisible symptoms and complications can cause stress, fatigue, and burnout. The stigma surrounding type 2 diabetes may also make it feel like you are not being heard, or given the support you deserve from those around you.

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The Emotional Pain of Diabetes
By TheLongPointGirl—September 15, 2017
I believe the emotional pain and anxiety that some of us live with is often overlooked. Similar to other chronic diseases, diabetes is not something that people can ‘see’. It is invisible to those around us. It only becomes visible if…READ MORE

The Time Invisible Wasn’t Good
By Phyllisa Deroze—October 5, 2017
I felt as if she had a super power to see what is otherwise invisible and I am so glad.
She didn’t alarm the entire locker room which allowed me to keep my diabetes private, and I am thankful for that too. Sometimes invisibility can be harmful…READ MORE