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Spotlight: Changing Seasons

Spotlight: Changing Seasons

Changes in seasons and weather, especially changes to hotter weather, can have a great impact on type 2 diabetes management. As summer rolls around for some of us, we’re exploring the impact of any and all weather changes on those with type 2 diabetes, and offering tips for effective management of all that weather changes bring!

In addition to the information we’ll provide through this page, we want to hear from you! Do you have stories, struggles, or tips for changing weather that you’d like to share, or a question for the community? Here is how you can join the conversation and share any thoughts you may have:


Have a strategy for managing type 2 diabetes in heat or any changing weather, or a question you’d like to ask? Post in our forums and get the conversation going!

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Learn about seasonal type 2 diabetes management from our contributors:

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