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By Kelly Dabel, RD - March 1, 2015
The earthy flavor and crunch of kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts and carrots pair perfectly with this tangy and sweet dressing. Add some flavorful chicken to elevate this salad to an entree.

By Kelly Dabel, RD - February 18, 2015
A lighter, lower fat alternative to traditional potato salad this tangy version with Dijon mustard, pairs perfectly with grilled chicken and a fresh spinach salad.

By Kelly Dabel, RD - February 10, 2015
A classic comfort dish combining creamy potatoes and lemony fresh kale, this soup is light and satisfying. Kale is a powerhouse green that adds great nutritional value and vibrant green color without... READ MORE

By Kelly Dabel, RD - February 5, 2015
Beans are high in fiber and vitamins and minerals and they are also a great source of plant-based protein. Start this easy soup the night before by soaking the dried beans then... READ MORE

By Kelly Dabel, RD - February 4, 2015
This soup is spicy and sour and packed with flavor. It’s a Chinese-inspired soup with an egg stirred in at the end to form delicate ribbons. You could also add some lean... READ MORE

By Kelly Dabel, RD - January 29, 2015
These tasty and adorable cucumber cups are the perfect appetizer for game day or an elegant party. Omega-3-rich and flavorful salmon and high-protein Greek yogurt come together to make a decadent yet... READ MORE