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Grilled Cherry-Balsamic Chicken

With the abundance of fresh fruit and the desire to create a new pairing for chicken, this dish was born. The cherries cook down and pair beautifully with balsamic for a savory and delicious sauce. Serve some fresh roasted vegetables on the side for a light and low-carb meal.

Chicken Stuffed Mushrooms with Guacamole

This is a delectably savory bite, perfect as a passed appetizer or a delicious light snack. The tender meaty mushrooms stuffed with garlicy chicken and topped with fresh citrus guacamole are satisfying and delicious. Low in carbs and big on flavor, you'll love sinking your teeth into these little bites of perfection. Bonus these are a great allergy-friendly recipe for your next party!

Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

While traditional peanut butter is a healthy choice it is easy to over do it and end up consuming quite a lot of calories and fat from peanut butter. When you're looking for something lighter to dip your favorite fruits or veggies into, try this easy, lightened up peanut butter yogurt dip with a luscious creamy texture you're sure to love.