Grated Beet Salad.

Grated Beet Salad

This is a favourite little salad for when I’m craving something fresh and it works well as a side some grilled meat. It’s easy to make, especially if you have a food processor or mandolin grater/slicer! It will also keep well for a few days in the fridge so you can make extra and eat it for days!

Serves: 4-8
Serving size: ½-1 cup


  • 2 medium sized beets (approx. 230g/8oz)
  • 2 medium sized carrots (approx. 180g/6oz)
  • 1/3 cup parsley
  • Juice from 2 lemons (approx. 60 ml/2oz)


  1. Remove the top and tail from the beets and carrots (also peel if preferred)
  2. Grate the beets and carrots and place into a bowl
  3. Chop the parsley and add this to the bowl with the fresh lemon juice
  4. Stir well and serve. Enjoy!

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Nutrition facts

Per Serving

  • calories: 22
  • carbohydrates: 7.3g
  • cholesterol: 0mg
  • fiber: 4.3g
  • potassium: 337.7mg
  • protein: 1.6g
  • sodium: 49.5mg
  • sugars: cannot guarantee a recipe that has been scaled to make a different number of servings from the original.
  • total fat: 0.15g
Photograph by Hannah Noonan. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Disclaimer: does not provide any express or implied warrant toward the content or outcome of any recipe.

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