How to handle food cravings?

It’s #NationalFastFoodDay today, and we’re wondering how you handle cravings for foods that may not help with your type 2 diabetes management. What have you found to work, or not work?

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  1. imjohnm says:

    I eliminated my type 2 years ago by eliminating fast food. Drive by the drive thru. Living on vegetables, my A1C stays well below 6.

  2. Katie Gutwald, RD moderator says:

    Hi imjohnm,
    So glad you found a way to improve your health!
    Best, Katie

  3. Hello TheLongPointGirl,
    I think you have a great plan in place! Being to restrictive with diet can lead to over indulging at a latter time which often leads to regret. Thanks as always for sharing your tips/point of view 🙂 Meryl

  4. TheLongPointGirl moderator says:

    This may sound bad but I give in to them BUT with CONTROL. If I don’t give in, then it’s like the junk food I’m craving just keeps calling my name! Ignoring works for a while. If I give in and have a little the craving goes away. That way I do very little damage to my blood sugars than if I eat a whole lot more because I waited too long. I think I’m lucky to be able to do this. I know now from reading so many people’s posts that many cannot.

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