What's For Dinner?

The Question

Does this sound like a familiar question in your house? It’s a question that could come from your family, but if you’re like me it’s more likely a question you ask yourself. And, even though I’m an obsessive meal planner (and often write posts encouraging you to be the same), everybody eventually finds themselves in a rut. So, here’s an effective and fun way to give our meal planning a fresh boost. Let’s think of dinner as a theme party where each night is assigned a certain cuisine theme. To get you started, here is a list of theme options you can use, and a few ideas of what to serve within the theme.

Dinner Ideas

  • Sunday- Salad and Sandwich bar meal day Add variety to your salads by using a dark leafy greens base and adding a variety of fresh vegetables, canned shoe string beets, artichoke hearts and/or sunflower seeds. For variety, you can grill sandwiches and swap out the bread between whole wheat, rye, or whole grain pita breads.
  • Monday-Meatless mealday  Meatless meal dinner ideas may include vegetarian chili, black bean burgers, tempeh stir fry, or grilled tofu. Serve these entrees with a steamed vegetable or salad.
  • Tuesday- Breakfast for dinner meal day  French toast with sliced strawberries, or oatmeal or grits with scrambled eggs and sliced tomatoes, or poached eggs with diced sweet potato, bell peppers and onions and rye bread. Lower fat Canadian bacon is your best choice for breakfast meat.
  • Wednesday- Italian meal day Pasta primavera with olive oil instead of a creamy sauce served with a green leafy salad is perfect - "alternative" pasta (like zucchini) makes a low carb dish
  • Thursday- Asian meal day  Chicken, beef or pork stir fry with brown rice and baked eggrolls.
  • Friday- Mediterranean meal day  Entrée for a Mediterranean meal can include fish or beans served with grilled vegetable kabobs, basmati rice and pita bread. Remember beans, rice and bread are sources of carbohydrate. If this is too many carbs for one meal, you can double the vegetable for your meal.
  • Saturday- Seafood meal day  Fish tacos with spinach and diced tomato; fish burgers on whole grain buns with sliced tomato or canned tuna with mayonnaise and celery served in a pita with a vegetable salad – all are quick and easy.

There are so many choices – maybe share your favorite option with me!

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