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What is “A Diabetic Diet”?

If you were to do an internet search for the term “diabetic diet” you would get something more than 39,000,000 results. Getting that many “hits” on the phrase might lead you to believe there is actually a genuine “diabetic diet” – there isn’t. I know, you’ve heard that term a million times – maybe even 39 million times – from friends, family, infomercials, and perhaps even from your doctor. But, there simply is no diabetic diet.

Don’t get me wrong. Where diabetes is concerned eating healthy can have incredibly positive benefits to your long term health, and food is at least as important as medication in managing type 2 diabetes. My dispute with the term “diabetic diet” is with the message it sends. First, it sounds like a life sentence – “you’ll need to follow a diabetic diet now.” There’s certainly nothing positive or encouraging about that. Second, the term “diabetic diet” sounds rigid and limited – no more enjoying the foods you love on the diabetic diet.

The truth is that eating healthy for diabetes can accommodate your personal tastes in food. Yes, you’ll probably need to tweak your eating habits – carbohydrate food portion sizes, meal timing, etc. But, you don’t have to abandon your connection to “your” food. A quick look through the recipes offered here at can give you a “taste” for the variety of foods you can enjoy without guilt, and knowing that your food options are many may be just the positive and encouraging thing you need to hear.

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