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Sumer time of course means lots of summer fruits and veggies, including watermelons, which I happen to LOVE. I love watermelon for obvious reasons:

  • Watermelon is super tasty and sweet and watermelon quenches my thirst
  • Watermelon wedge tastes delicious on its own, in a salad, or with a hunk of cheese.
  • A few cubes of frozen watermelon chunks gives an extra kick to still or sparkling water – and bonus points if you throw in some mint and a fresh slice of lemon!

Health benefits of watermelon

I also love watermelon for the health benefits. Nutritionally speaking, a half cup of watermelon contains roughly 23 calories, 5.74 grams of carbs and is 91% water – so it’s super hydrating.

And as far as vitamins, watermelon is chock full of vitamin C (great for our skin) and Vitamins A and B5. Watermelon also contains lycopene, potassium, calcium, and the amino acids, L-arginine and l-citrulline – all of which are healthy for our bodies.

Lycopene is fantastic for our heart and cholesterol levels. Potassium is beneficial to our nerve endings, and calcium makes for good teeth and bones.

And the magic of watermelon doesn’t stop there. Watermelon is great for our muscles, especially after a workout. Here’s why: You know when you workout and the next day your muscles feel all sorts of sore – and then the day after your muscles feel even more sore? Our muscles are sore because of the lactic acid build up in said muscles, and the amino acid l-citrulline helps to flush out the excess lactic acid. L-citrulline and l-arginine (another amino acid) help to reduce inflammation in all dimensions and I’m for any and all foods that help to reduce inflammation!

Click HERE to learn how to pick out the best watermelon, then head to your local Farmer’s Market or veggie/fruit stand and pick up a few!

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