Vinegar and Olive Oil

I love salads, salad dressings, and marinades on grilled veggies, chicken, fish, pork, or red meat and as of late, I’ve been going for the tried and true and that was part of my growing up. Tried and true as in vinegar and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

The vinegar - would depend on my mood. Sometimes balsamic, other times white wine, red, champagne, or apple cider - and basically whatever I have enough of. Extra virgin olive oil because I’m never without and it's an awesome fat!

Both liquids whisked together with sea salt, cracked pepper, fresh lemon and if I really feel like getting fancy - fresh crushed or minced garlic!

Embracing vinegar and EVOO means that I have no excuse not to make a healthy salad dressing and or marinade for chicken, fish or meat because I always have all of the above in my pantry. And let's face it - it’s super simple!

Why make your own salad dressing?

Growing up the only salad dressing my type 1 dad would ever use was his own vinegar and oil combo. He tended to go heavier on the vinegar because he thought it was super healthy.

So why am I bringing this up? Because I walked down the salad dressing aisle at my local supermarket recently, and I was shocked at all the crap (as in chemicals like HFCS, sodium, and others with names I couldn’t pronounce) that are in the majority of bottled salad dressings. I’ve been making my own vinaigrettes and marinades for years and I knew about all the crap additives in bottles.

It was a good reminder of why I started making my own - and why my mom made her own. Vinegar and EVOO dressing is so much healthier and tastier, I know what’s in it and it’s cheaper.

What about you? Do you use bottled dressings and marinades or do you make your own?

Have you recently started making your own? If so, why and how’s it working out?

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