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‘Tis the Season to Enjoy Food

Do you have your eating and exercise plan in place for the holidays? We have already begun the nine weeks of the holiday eating season (Halloween thru New Year’s), so it would be a perfect time to get a plan in place for all those tempting foods that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Here are six strategies to avoid a blood sugar roller coaster ride and weight gain during the holiday eating season:

  1. Scan the holiday buffet or check with the hostess on what is being served before you start filling your plate. This will help you put a plan in place for your best or favorite food choices, the same way you shop for the best value at the grocery store.
  2. Choose your absolute favorites, and leave the “just okay” foods. For instance, I’m not a huge bread or dinner roll fan, so I leave that off my plate to make room for my “must haves.”
  3. Think Tapas. Plate your foods like you are eating at a Tapas style restaurant and you’ll often find that a taste is all you “need.”
  4. Start a tradition based on some physical activity. Our family eats the Thanksgiving meal at lunch time so we have time to take a walk as a family. When we complete our walk we split the cleanup tasks (which allows for more physical activity without even realizing it).
  5. Put your back to the buffet. Research shows if we position ourselves in a room where we can’t see the food buffet or see other people going back for seconds, we won’t eat as much.
  6. Eat breakfast. Don’t skip meals thinking you will “save” your calories for the holiday feast. This usually backfires and you end up eating more simply because you haven’t eaten all day. Plus, spreading carbohydrates throughout your day is an important way to control blood glucose spikes.

Diabetes doesn’t require that you give up your enjoyment of food, but enjoying food doesn’t require giving up diabetes management either. Follow these tips, and have a healthy holiday season.

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