Tips to Become a Better Home Cook

I think we can all agree that the best meal we eat is the warm, tasty one we didn’t make! Unless it’s in your budget to eat out often or have a personal chef, the best way to sit down to a healthy well-cooked meal every day is to become the best chef we can be! Here are a few tips to improve your skills!

Use the right tools

Before you try a new recipe, make sure you have the ideal kitchen gadgets to make that meal. That may mean you need to invest in a vegetable steamer, an immersion blender, or even an old-fashioned crock pot. Sometimes pots and pans need a little upgrade to make cooking fun and exciting again! Do your research and find something that best fits your needs.

Get some training

I am grateful that to become a Registered Dietitian, I had to take cooking classes in college. But if I’m being totally honest, my best learned tricks have been from making mistakes on my own or from watching my husband. With years of food service experience under his belt, he is the better cook of the two of us and I love to watch and learn. Consider asking a friend or family member with a great cooking reputation to go through a few recipes with you. Look into local cooking classes, or even check out some food bloggers online.

Find your recipes

I am always on the hunt to find new recipes that fit my family’s needs and likes. Encourage yourself to be more adventurous and try one new recipe a week. Even if it contains an ingredient that in the past has not been your favorite, give it a try! You may be surprised that with a new cooking style or some extra spices, it tastes better than you remembered!

Plan ahead

Each week try to pick a day, preferably before your grocery shopping trip, to plan the week’s meals. That way you will be able to have all the ingredients on hand, and maybe even meal prep for the week by chopping vegetables or freezing meals for busy nights. You could prep some salads for your lunches and then in the morning all you have to do is grab and go.


I think that I have changed 99% of the recipes that I use to make them more to our liking. Too much pasta? Cut it down to half and add more vegetables to bulk it up. Not enough protein? Add more chicken or fish. You don’t have to follow a recipe exactly to get a delicious outcome!

Don’t be afraid to mess up

There have been plenty of times that I have overcooked the rice, or tried a recipe that was a flavor flop. Oh well! Now you know what not to do, or better yet, can tweak the recipe so that it’s more what you were hoping for. Being creative in the kitchen can give you some much needed confidence and stress-relief. Happy Cooking!

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