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Time For a Kitchen Makeover?

Remodeling your kitchen to improve the value of your home can be very expensive, but “remodeling” your kitchen to improve your health will cost you absolutely nothing. Best of all, anybody can do it – no skills, no tools and no mess. All it takes is a little rearranging, and the same process works just as well for your office, your car or any place else you might have some less-than-healthy food stashed.

The idea is to reduce a behavior called “mindless eating”, where food is so accessible and available that the question “should I eat that?” never comes into play. For instance, here’s the kitchen “remodel” I mentioned:

  • Look around your kitchen and note any foods in plain sight – on counters, on the table, or even at eye level in cabinets, the refrigerator/freezer or in your pantry
  • Take all the foods you know should be eaten “in moderation” – candy, cookies, chips, ice cream – and “hide” them so those foods are not constantly right in front of you
  • Put healthier choices in plain sight – for example, wash raw and cut up vegetables and place them in plain sight on the shelves in your refrigerator

This simple exercise will work subconsciously to improve your eating habits and if you don’t believe it, that’s OK – almost every person who participates in mindless eating experiments also thinks they can’t be fooled. But, they are almost always fooled. The research is fascinating – moving a candy dish out of reach at the office translates to eating less candy – using a smaller plate at dinner will reduce the calories you consume – facing away from the buffet results in fewer trips.

If you want more information on how you can fool yourself into eating healthier, I recommend the book “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think” by Dr. Brian Wansink. Managing food is an important part of managing diabetes, and managing mindless eating an important part of managing food. Getting started on your kitchen remodeling project today is a great first step.

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