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Ten Ways to Cut 100 Calories (and Not Miss Out)

This isn’t a special diet, gimmick, or fancy plan, but it’s most definitely a sure fire healthy way to lose weight. If you reduce the amount of food you eat by 100 calories per day, you can lose 10 pounds in just one year.

10 tips to cut calories

To get you started, here are ten fairly simple ways to cut back your food intake, saving you 100 calories without your even noticing:

  1. Run your burger through the garden. Instead of placing a one ounce slice of cheddar cheese on your sandwich- add veggies or spinach, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers.
  2. Join the “leave it on your plate” club. Instead of being a member of the “clean your plate” club, leave 3-4 bites of food on your plate. It’s okay.
  3. Have your cupcake and eat it too – choose a cupcake instead of a slice of cake.
  4. Swap out lemon wedges for tartar sauce as a topping for your baked fish.
  5. Choose tuna packed in water instead of oil.
  6. Conquer your chocolate craving – savor two tablespoons of chocolate chips instead of a chocolate candy bar.
  7. Make it a single – order a single burger instead of a double burger.
  8. Southern Tea turned Northern – make your own sweet tea by adding a sugar substitute to fresh brewed tea instead of sugar.
  9. Choose a 6-8 inch tortilla instead of a burrito size.
  10. Pack your own lunch instead of going out to eat (you will save more than half the calories!). A tuna sandwich on French bread with a small bag of chips and a no calorie beverage will cost you 780 calories. Your home made lunch containing 3 ounces tuna salad (using light mayo and chopped celery) on a whole wheat pita and a side of baked chips will cost you 364 calories.

These are just examples of small changes that are simple and easy to get you started. Here’s the important message – small changes matter, and you don’t have to make huge sacrifices to get huge results.

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