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A Simple Recipe For Healthier Eating

What Makes a Recipe

The word “recipe” actually comes from recipere — “to take” – once written by physicians as “instructions for mixing medications.” Following instructions for mixing medication seems pretty important, and the symbol Rx is leftover from that meaning. Off course, “recipe” now refers to instructions for preparing food.

When it comes to food, I’m guessing that most of us follow the step-by-step instructions fairly closely. There are, I suppose, professional chefs among us who can estimate the volumes and weights of ingredients with amazing accuracy, tossing in a handful here and three pinches there. But, if I expect my final product to resemble the desired result, I’ll be measuring the ingredients as I go along like a medieval pharmacist – nobody wants crunchy risotto!

Measure, Measure, Measure

If you measure your ingredients like I do then you’re already prepared to follow my recipe for healthier eating – measure your food before you eat. You have measuring cups and spoons already, and you may even have a kitchen scale too. That’s all you need. And, why wouldn’t we carefully measure what goes into our bodies? With diabetes, food is medicine and medicine is food. And that is especially true of carbohydrates, which have the most direct effect on our blood glucose level.

Know Your Carbs

Remember, we talk about carbohydrates in 15 gram increments – 1 “carb choice” – when talking about portion sizes. But, 1 single tablespoon of maple syrup and 3 ½ cups of sliced cucumber each have the same 15 grams of carbohydrate. And, there are carbohydrate foods with 15 gram portion sizes everywhere in between. Knowing carbohydrate food portion sizes is critical to healthy eating, but you can look them up easily. Eating the appropriate carbohydrates prescribed for you to best manage your blood glucose requires that you measure your food. Follow that recipe — measure your food before you eat — and you’re far down the road to healthier eating.

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