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A Salad Without Lettuce

I’ve been doing well with upping my daily veggie intake and I’m proud of myself.

Eating healthy is a process for everyone. For me, making sure to eat a salad at least 5 days a week helps me to get my daily servings of veggies, fiber, and vitamins.

Last night I came home and went to the fridge to start my salad, I discovered that unfortunately, the last of the romaine sitting in its airtight container wasn’t looking so great. I hate to waste food, but no way was I going to chow down on those sad-looking lettuce leaves.

How to make a salad without the lettuce

Instead, I boiled five eggs, let them chill in an ice water bath for 5 minutes before peeling and then let them continue to chill in the fridge.

While the eggs were chilling out, I grabbed a medium-size mixing bowl and filled it up with what I had on hand. I sliced up two vine tomatoes and diced up the following veggies; the remainder of what was left of a Persian cucumber, a large purple rainbow carrot, 3 baby bell peppers (yellow and orange because tasty and pretty) a quarter of a Vidalia onion, and about a 1/3 a cup of the leftover edamame beans from the previous night.

The hard boiled eggs were good and cold and I grabbed three, sliced and removed the yolks from two of eggs, and kept the yoke in the third.

I added some pickled jalapeños, squeezed a fresh lemon wedge over the contents of the bowl, drizzled with EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and lightly dusted with sea salt, cracked pepper, and some cilantro then tossed it all together in the bowl.

For the record, it was delicious and I didn’t miss the lettuce at all.

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